WestMount is committed to…

Bringing hope and healing, and sharing the Good News of Jesus with a world that desperately needs Him. We seek to make a real difference in Kelowna and the World, through much prayer, effort and strategic partnerships.What is God stirring in your heart to do?

WestMOUNT strives to make a difference abroad, as well as in our own community. We are involved in Freedom’s Door, a non-profit organization that utilizes Christian principles to aid recovering addicts, as well as the Kelowna Pregnancy Care Centre.

Freedom’s Door

Freedom’s Door Kelowna is a non-profit recovery home for male addicts. At Freedom’s Door, our addictions treatment programs work. We know that addictions are fully treatable, and that addictions treatment is most effective when delivered through a Twelve-Step program supported by Christian principles

Okanagan Pregnancy Center

We provide information on all options of adoption, parenting, abortion and offer emotional and practical support in a loving, respectful, non-judgmental environment. Motivated by sincere love, and in partnership with the Christian community, we create a caring, supporting, liberating learning environment that restores hope to all who are facing unplanned pregnancies, dealing with pregnancy losses or exploring sexual integrity as a lifestyle.