Lead Team

Roger Liegmann – Lead Pastor

Roger Liegmann

Roger grew up in the Greater Vancouver area and moved to Kelowna in 2005. Roger served in different ministry roles for over ten years before starting WestMOUNT Church.

Roger’s passions are loving God and his neighbours (and maybe a little golf). Roger resides in West Kelowna with his wife Carrie and their three children. Roger is honored and excited to lead WestMOUNT Church wherever God calls.




Carrie LiegmannCarrie Liegmann – Pastor

Carrie grew up in the Greater Toronto area and moved to Kelowna in 2007. Before beginning WestMOUNT Carrie ran the Telus mobile division in Northern Ontario and has spoken to women around the country for years.

Carrie also served on staff at Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna for 5 years. 

Carrie is passionate about Jesus, God’s word, running and leading WestMOUNT Church alongside her husband Roger.



Kristi SchlenkerKristi Schlenker – Children’s Ministry

Kristi grew up in Kelowna, then moved to Abbotsford where she studied Early Childhood Education at Columbia Bible College. Now back in Kelowna, Kristi manages Grins & Giggles Child Care Center. Before WestMOUNT Church, she worked and volunteered at Trinity Baptist Church, in their children ministries.  Kristi is passionate about God, loving his kids, and leading KidsMOUNT at WestMOUNT church.



Steven Wickenheiser
Steven Wickenheiser – Worship Intern

Steven Wickenheiser was raised in Kelowna, and has been musically active for most of his life. Steve feels that his familiarity with different genres of music has been a blessing, which has helped shape and form him into who he is today. Steve’s passion is to glorify, and to see God glorified through music. 




Every Believer is a Minister

We believe that every follower of Jesus has a role to play in God’s Kingdom. Each person is uniquely made and equipped for the ministry that God has put before us. We are a church led largely by people simply stepping into their role as ministers of Jesus.

In fact, if you’ve been to a gathering of our community, you were virtually surrounded by the leaders of WestMOUNT Church, and not because we have a large paid staff. We invite you to find your place in this community and to step into the unique role that God has called you to.